VENTURE 17             - Private Education for the Medical Arts and Sciences
The Art Of MedicineThe Conservatory of Medical Arts and Sciences is a collegiate education consulting firm and online teaching tool based in the mountains of Lake George, and Florissant, Colorado. A charitable enterprise, The Conservatory is a distinguished professorate, specializing in higher academics in the medical arts and sciences and the flagship of The Venture 17 Division of Education
We concentrate on Surgical Anatomy, Internal Medicine, and the Medical Professions which support physicians in the care and treatment of their patients. From gross anatomy to cellular morphology, and molecular biology to cytogenetics, we are here to teach.
simple colored pencil renderingWe promote art as applied to medicine. Scientific Medical Illustration is a formidable medical educational tool utilized by The Conservatory. From pencil and brush renderings to photography and computer graphics, we teach art.
The Conservatory provides students with a vast resource of tools they can utilize to help master the medical sciences and graduate from college with exemplary marks.
At The Conservatory, we focus on elevating the level of competition our clients require to be the best students and medical professionals in the health care industry, moreover, successful competitors in the medical and paramedical job markets.
We do this by providing state of the art instruction and talent focused training.  
Tools of a Medical ArtistMake yourself at home. We know you'll be pleased learning, and studying with us. Feel free to look around our website. 
A multitude of educational and scholastic resources, as well as nine instructional libraries are available to everyone. 
The Conservatory also hosts the medical illustration, photorealism, and photography galleries of
Dr. C. M. Counce.
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