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Test anxiety is a very real, scary, and disrupting phenomenon to an ambitious student. Millions of students suffer from this disorder. More importantly, for the student who knows the material but struggles through testing, the problem can be overwhelming and devastating. Test taking becomes a paralyzing fear.
Whether you tie up and forget the material, your palms get sweaty, you get nervous and shaky, or lose it completely, help is here. The evaluation and treatment of test anxiety is a medical condition Dr. Counce and his colleagues have evaluated and treated in thousands of students. What's really important for the sufferer to understand, is it can be taken care of easily and with very effective and swift results. Before you know it, you'll be comfortable and ready when sitting for a test.

For help with this situation, go to Medical Consult, and we'll help you get this out of the way right now.
In addition to providing help with test anxiety, The Conservatory also teaches seminars on test taking strategies. From college through medical school, board exams and certifying exams, The Venture 17 Faculty are well honed professional test takers. In addition, they have written thousands of tests as educators and certification examiners for the medical profession.
There are specific and even secret techniques used in taking multiple choice tests as well as essay tests. All written certifying exams in the medical sciences are multiple choice tests. One should be well prepared not only in knowledge, but in the techniques of mastering test taking.

By adopting our strategies, you will gain new confidence in passing tests at school as well as certifying exams in your discipline, giving you an edge every time you are assessed.

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