VENTURE 17             - Private Education for the Medical Arts and Sciences

EMERGENCY QUESTIONS AND CRISIS SITUATIONS should be directed immediately to telephone number 911, or go directly to the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT of your closest hospital.

Have a medical question? Need wellness counseling? Maybe you have questions about that prescription you just got from your doctor and can't reach him. Perhaps you have laboratory results you would like to review and discuss for a second opinion. Or maybe you just want to learn more about your medical condition.

Conservatory physicians, and senior medical students are here to help. They make themselves available to those utilizing The Conservatory. But there are rules.

Because this service involves professional advice and expertise, it is offered as opinion only. Our doctors and medical students will not treat you, but they will give you expert analysis and detailed advise on the steps you need to take with your personal physician or provider.

To engage our Doctors, simply fill out the form below. A doctor or fourth year medical student will contact you within two hours.
This is a free service from Venture 17.  All information exchanged, is kept strictly confidential and enforced by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Please see terms of service below.


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