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All gallery illustration, photography, and medical artistic work found on this website, are renderings by Dr. C. M. Counce. Scientific and portrait Illustration are tools of medical education, and the Signature of The Searchlight.

The professional models for Venture 17's medical art, and portrait photography, are students of Science, Business, and the Fine Arts at Adams State University; the University of British Columbia; the University of Colorado; the University of Montana; the University of Munich; and the University of New Mexico.
All models are contracted through The Searchlight Six, a Venture 17 executive team dedicated to the promotion of leadership in Business, Education, Art, and Medicine. 
All musical art on this website is by permission. All phonographic landscaping is programmed and produced by Gabriele Kaufmann, Austin Counce, Sarah Lichtbringer, and Julienne Chase, through Venture 17 Communications and The Searchlight Music Collection. For a complete list of the Recording Artists on Venture, go to our original Music Station.

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