VENTURE 17             - Private Education for the Medical Arts and Sciences


Venture 17 is currently upgrading to a more advanced platform. The website is still online, but some features, products, and courses will not be available until Summer 2018. 

The new site will be more streamlined and much easier to navigate. We turn twelve years old this May, and need to make changes in line with the technologies available now. 

You may find some features permanently deleted. They have become widely available and less expensive for consumers through new "Apps" which were not available, even two years ago.

Large features like our Microbiology Library, which took months to build back in 2007, can easily be replaced with many inexpensive academic apps now available at the collegiate level.

Remember, this website was built well before smart phones and the app store came into the market. Back then, there was no easy way to navigate relative and pertinent academic linking except through free websites like this one. 

We will always be here, and will adjust to your needs. We can do this because we have no commercial profit agenda. So, beginning Summer 2018, there will be no commercial advertising on this website, except for non-profit scholarship and financial aid resources. 

For more information on our advertising posture, please go to: Advertising With CMAS.

In addition, The Searchlight Messenger is assembling a new editorial staff, as Dr. Counce has returned to Medicine, helping in doctor manpower short and impoverished areas across the United States.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however, we know you will like the new look, easier navigation, and richer content. For questions, please go to Contact Us.

Thank You