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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




This website was founded to help all college students pursuing degrees in the healing arts. A charitable teaching site whose primary purpose is to expand and strengthen the didactic and clinical proficiency of those who care for humankind.

The Conservatory of Medical Arts and Sciences is a large and well known online medical and allied health sciences academy visited by thousands of students world wide every month.

Created by Dr. C. M. Counce in 2006 as the center piece to The Venture 17 Division of Education, it is respected by educators and students alike.

The Conservatory features superior educational content, composition, and architecture.

Designed by The Searchlight Studios, its navigability, effortless; its use of artwork, unmatched, and its landscape of music, cutting edge.

Before you begin exploring, put on your headphones, and read this entire page so that you can move through this website properly.

Our music stations are currently disabled as we rebuild.

This website is a valuable educational resource with all educational features available to you at little or no cost. In addition, advertising is highly restricted on this website and is limited to distinct industries.

Utilized by thousands of academicians every month, this charitable website was built to allow medical students, premedical students, nursing students, medical laboratory students, allied health students, and their instructors, a pipeline to free educational resources and tutoring.

Additionally, this website was built for collegiate academic competitors to pursue education in higher academics and excel in their fields of study.

The Conservatory also hosts the medical illustration, and photography galleries of Dr. C. M. Counce and The Searchlight Studios, in addition to other artists we promote.

Ultimately, The Conservatory is an online clinical sciences teaching tool designed to be informative, fluid, and interactive. Navigation is purposely designed to flow easily, and all considerations were made to aid the disabled and impaired user.

For better flow, continuity, and aesthetics, please switch your screen to Full. We recommend the browsers, Google Chrome; Maxthon; Microsoft Edge; and Apple Safari.

The top third of the menu is all about The Conservatory and The Venture 17 Division of Education commitment to the student, as well as our commitment to the professor's academic freedom in the classroom.

The middle third contains our EDUCATIONAL FEATURES. All educational pages are capitalized so you can find them quickly.

The bottom third is all about the art and photography of Dr. Counce and The Searchlight Studios; Our parent company, Venture 17; Important information for you as a student; And of course, our well known music stations and galleries, which are used by many students as parking harbors.

There are twelve clinical sciences training libraries on this website, with ten dedicated and complete textbook assisted courses utilized as online teaching tools. They are vast and continue to evolve, allowing the student at any level to utilize resources at their scope of knowledge.

Many of our students like using flashcards. So, we interface with Flashcard Exchange at, a free subscription membership game and flashcard training system.

Links to Flashcard Exchange are offered on all Conservatory library pages., is also an important academic research tool and initiator.

Our Libraries include links to the Blausen Medical Atlas of Human Anatomy. This state of the art 3-D Animated Anatomy Library is the largest of its kind in the world. It is a complete animated reference on medical anatomy. You can find more information on Blausen Medical, in our Anatomy Library And Course.

The Conservatory of Medical Arts and Sciences is currently working with Cengage®; McGraw Hill®; Elsevier Mosby®; and The Napoleon Hill Institute™ to compliment our online professional content.

Our well known blog page, The Searchlight Messenger is a collegiate newsletter and blog, written and edited by Dr. C. M. Counce.

Featuring current articles and commentary from Business, Education, Art, and Medicine, The Searchlight Messenger brings education and insight regarding evidence based medicine, biotechnology, consumer health reporting, finance, collegiate academics, and the arts.

This is a copyrighted article site followed by a wide readership. It is seen throughout the medical and business communities in addition to important consumer websites who publish Dr. Counce's syndicated articles on the world wide web. 

Students with exceptional scholarship also post to this publication. You will find it listed last, just under "Our Guest Book" on the menu to your left. 

The Conservatory also provides a free online medical question service, as well as resources for medical equipment; microscopes; textbooks; artist and photographer outfitting; essay writing; collegiate test taking strategies; and valuable financial aid resources.

Our store is currently closed as we rebuild.

The student image libraries, as well as the artwork and photography slide galleries can be manipulated by the user. In addition to our visual art, collective layers of music have been carefully embedded in select pagination so as not to distract those at study.

These progressive college alternative and industrial rock genre music stations as well as our RAS Harbors, are part of the Venture 17 Searchlight Audio-Library, and produced with permission through Penny London and Associates. The page you have just finished reading, is a RAS Harbor.

Our music stations are currently disabled as we rebuild.

The music streams can be manipulated by the user. They are for your enjoyment while you peruse this site or surf the web. Just park us, put on headphones, adjust the volume, learn about Clinical Science, and enjoy the music.

Welcome to The Conservatory