VENTURE 17             - Private Education for the Medical Arts and Sciences

"Remember that you are professionals. Do not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Be one hundred percent on, and well polished every day, even on a 'bad day'.
APOLLOThe people who seek us, need us, and need to trust us.

You have chosen this profession because you feel a calling.

This profession requires leadership in all who are called, but there cannot be leadership without respect for all human beings, and the ability to serve.

A service for all mankind, learned as an embodiment of true science, and  practiced as a craft, it is as steadfast as the Sun. 

You were called, then schooled, in a preeminent discipline, sought by many, but allowed to only a few.

An astute profession, which implores the cutting edge of science, and your obligation to it.

You must remember that the medical profession is like a jealous lover. It requires all of your time, and all of your energy. It will tolerate nothing less.

Always stand with a smile, never be impatient, and always give your patient hope. Be as passionate in your craft as you are gentle in friendship, and make everyone who crosses your path, glad they met with you today."
Dr. C. M. Counce