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Arts and Photography


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Do Photography Masters Follow Rules?

What helps make a good picture? Try this activity, and you'll find out how to take better photos yourself.

Do you like to preserve a moment with a photo or tell a story with pictures? It can feel very rewarding to capture an experience in a compelling photo; it can also be disappointing when the image does not convey what you were seeing or what you had in mind.

You might wonder what makes some photos mesmerizing and gripping, whereas others look dull, empty or less appealing. It might be easier than you think to create those effective photographs.

Slow Cooker Posole

Slow Cooker Posole (Hominy Stew) is easy to prepare, can be ready to eat in 4 hours, and tastes really good. Well, that is, if you like spicy Southwestern New Mexican style cuisine. This is actually my Mom’s recipe, which is modified for those of us who appreciate good kitchen engineering, but are constantly on the move, working, going to school, and on a regular workout at the gym. Yeah, really busy all the time.
I once joked that I’m so busy, if I could take in all my meals as a liquid drink once or twice a day, I would do it.

How to Paint a Water Drop

I am often asked how I draw water drops. Although my medium of choice is colored pencils, I do work with watercolor, and watercolor pencils. But the technique remains similar in all three of these media.

I generally start with wax or masking fluid as demonstrated below, then work with pencil or colored pencil in and around the borders. This is especially important in photorealism works.

Another great medium is tempera, or egg tempera, made famous by Leonardo Da Vinci's water droplet technique. But watercolors bring a dimension of blending that is bright and easy to render once practiced.

Effective Communication During A Photo Shoot

Portrait Photography by Amanda CornelissenIn the highly competitive field of photography, being able to effectively communicate during a photo shoot is one of the most important skills a photographer can acquire. The better the photographer is at giving precise instructions, the easier it will be to capture the unique perspective most people are searching for in their photos. The photographer must demonstrate a great deal of professionalism, keeping a positive attitude and actively listening to their client. People are often nervous when being photographed; therefore the photographer should empathize with their client by observing and understanding the feelings they may be experiencing.