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Many of you have read my article on migraines entitled
Is My Headache a Migraine. Recently I have been approached with questions from my college campus students regarding their children and the brittle headaches their kids endure. Two students in particular stated that their child’s doctor had diagnosed them as having migraines, prescribed the medicine, periactin as needed, but did not explain to them what migraines in children are really all about.

This is a little disturbing to me, as I feel the more educated my patients are, the better they are able to manage their headaches and lead normal healthy lives.

The Killer On Campus

The serial killer, Meningococcal Meningitis is upon us as students return to college campuses across North America.

Many in my readership have seen my previous articles on Meningitis, and again, it's that time of year, when every August, I write an article on this important subject. This year my article will be accompanied by a discussion regarding the state of the art in the management of this disease.  

Although there are many organisms that can induce meningitis, a crippling and often fatal disease, from parasites and bacteria, to viruses, and even fungi as was seen in the tainted steroid vials from the New England Compounding Center just this last year, the Meningococcal bacterium is relentless in its attack once it invades.

Is My Headache a Migraine?

I have to tell you, one of the occupational hazards of being a physician, is the formal dinner table. This is the traditional “non-doctor place” where doctors are hit-up by guests for medical advice. I'm not sure how conversations drift to "headaches". I mean, a lot of people get them. So when you're a doctor, people are going to ask.

So, one question will lead to another because somebody had a stressful day, and they're glad to be winding the day down with a pleasant dinner, and wondering, "Why am I getting a headache now?

Kidney Stones! They Hurt!

Kidney stones! They hurt! And they’re on the rise. That’s right. They're becoming more and more common. They're becoming what many would consider epidemic.  Everywhere you turn, someone says something like, “yeah, I had one last spring, put me down for 3 days. It was so bad I puked for 2 days, even while I was on all that medication”. There's more, “It’s the most excruciating pain I’ve ever had and that was my second one”. Or this one, "Where's Bob? Heard he was in the hospital with a kidney stone, again!