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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




We provide on campus consultation and instruction as college professors and instructors, in addition to providing private tutoring for progressive college level, and high school students in Alberta, Colorado, Montana, and Nebraska.

Venture 17 faculty nurture ambition, competition, and critical thinking. We concentrate on Medical Science; Nursing; Pharmacology; Microbiology; Hematology; Biochemistry; General Biology; and Medical Illustration. We also teach courses in preparation for the Medical College Admissions Test and prepare Graduate School candidates in the Biomedical Sciences. 

Our Private approach includes a review of previously taught material, then enhancing learning techniques to increase skill level, perception, and focus. Benchmarks are then established to achieve specific goals and pursue the professional mindset. This type of tutoring can last from a few sessions to whole courses or even a semester, or more.

We also provide event targeted tutoring. Targeted tutoring is geared to immediate goals. It is designed to focus on what is needed immediately. For instance, completing an assignment, preparing for a presentation, or studying to score high marks on an exam. This type of tutoring is generally one or two sessions long, and is the most utilized of our services.

We understand that there are many students who struggle and are even intimidated with college level work. They may say to themselves, "I just want to pass". We are especially here for you. We are here to mentor and embolden you.

When The Venture 17 Division of Education was founded, one of the first issues with traditional public education we encountered was the enormous need for remedial help that many high school students and freshmen college students needed.

For many students, to be at a competitive college level is extremely difficult. We know that a large number of students need special tutoring in subjects like basic math and algebra; the metric system; writing and composition; and yes, for some, even basic grammar, before they can navigate through college.

The Conservatory prides itself on the ability to teach this type of student. Changing their attitude from one of, "can I keep up", to one of, "I lead by example". It is extremely satisfying to watch this transformation.

Whichever tutoring approach you may need, motivation is our signature, professionalism is our seal. We are here to help you. We are here to show you how to raise the bar of competition in your favor.

Tutoring can take place at your home or at a predetermined educational facility. Although we hold academic workshops in our Colorado Springs Office, most of our private tutoring is conducted in meeting rooms and classrooms at your school or local library.